Maybe it will shape up into something proper...

This is the key hole ( OR THE TOILET BOWL AS YOU FELLAS CALL IT)  this morning 9.26.11. It looks like a helluva paddle - hence why no one is out in it .....yet.

This is Bradford beach just a 1/4 mile away from the *keyhole it looks like a completely different day.


Waterspouts Today!

If you are on the Lakeshore or in a boat today, keep your eyes peeled for a freaky phenomenon: waterspouts.

Cold air over big bodies of warm water can produce whirling liquid masses that look like offshore tornadoes. They are more common in Northern Michigan, but the fresh water funnel clouds have been popping up along the western shores of Lake Michigan all morning, with sightings in Green Bay, Milwaukee and  in Chicago.



 Wed Sept 7th 2011 / Lake Michigan.
 I switched to a manual camera so it took a few days for the film to process. 
Wind out of the NW our first feeling of cold air makes the water temp seem like a warm bath.
I usually post edited pics but I dont have access to my computer at the moment becuase of a house fire! 
This surf session was a huge stress relief after dealing with the loss of our home. Ill keep it coming Lofi style for a while til we get the home base up and running again.
Peace, F.U.B.A.R